1x1: Rites of Passage

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Ragnar Lothbrok es el primer vikingo de la leyenda Norse. Nos situaremos en Escandinavia en el siglo VIII para conocer cómo Ragnar consigue lo que necesita


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Rites of Passage is the first episode of this series called Vikings. We'll meet Ragnar Lothbrok, a viking that receives visions of Odin and the valkyries in the middle of a battle. After returning home as a victor, he tells his wife Lagertha his intentions to take one of their children to Kattegat, to a rite of passage.

At Kattegat, he'll meet his brother Rollo and reveal him his obsession: sailing west, where they could find many more treasures.  On the other hand, this idea doesn't suit Count Haraldson, who's satisfied with pillaging the already known towns of the Baltic Sea, besides he distrusts Ragnar.Being sure about his decision, Ragnar builds secretly a ship with Floki, a particular character

Interesting facts: this series is based upon the almost mythological tales of King Ragnar, that took place in year 800 A.D. The idea of this series' producers was showing a different side of the viking culture, beyond their fame of thiefs, pillagers, rapists.

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