1x7: A King's Ransom

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Ragnar will now go upriver in order to reach the villa of King Aelle. However, the king will not offer his friendship


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A King's Ransom is the seventh episode of this Vikings' season. We'll see the vikings attacking Northumbria at night, having success in capturing Aethelwulf, the king's brother. This favorable situation is leveraged by Ragnar, demanding a big amount of money for they to retire peacefully. King Aelle will only accept if one of the vikings baptises himself as a christian.

After, in spite of the deal made, Aelle attacks the vikings camp and will be defeated because of the bravery of the Norsemen and Rollo, being motivated to prove his loyalty to his old gods. Aethelwulf returns home after Aelle gives the vikings the agreed amount.

Curious facts: when Floki jokes about being hungry because of the captured horses, it refers to a scandinavian pagan tradition, where horse meat was consumed in a ritual manner.

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