1x9: All Change

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Viking's first season finale is here! Nothing is going to be said, no spoilers, no comments. Enjoy the episode!


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The first season of Vikings ends with All Change, its ninth episode. In this chapter, the rejection of King Horik to undertake the lands' conflict between Ragnar and Count Borg will lead to a clash between the two parts. In an oportunistic manner, Rollo betrays his brother and supports Borg, motivated by personal issues about the growing power of Ragnar.

On the other hand, Kattegat is struck by an epidemic disease that will take many lives, Gyda's among others. Meanwhile, Ragnar will meet the princess Aslaug and will be seducted by her, and soon he'll realise of her pregnancy.

Interesting facts: initially Vikings will be a nine-episode series, but the great reception by the public made the producers extend it to several seasons. 

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