2x1: Brother's War

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The battle between Ragnar and Hork agains Jarl Borg begins. Meanwhile, Princess Aslaug will come up with something disturbing to Ragnar


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Brother's War is the first episode of the second season of Vikings. We'll finally see the conflict between brothers because of the alliance of Borg with Rollo. The battle will take place, being Borg defeated, as we highlight the moment of Rollo kneeling down to his brother. After the confrontation, both of the parts meet King Horik and Borg accepts the royal conditions, motivated by Ragnar's news about occident.

After returning to Kattegat with Rollo in chains, Ragnar must answer Lagertha's questions about Aslaug. He decides to be clear with her and reveals the affaire they had, but he assures he doesn't love her. By her own way, Aslaug is about to arrive at Kattegat.

Rollo will be prosecuted by treason, but his brother Ragnar decides to forgive him. In spite of the divine justifications his judge will proclaim, we'll find out that the veredict involved a bribe.

Interesting facts: the representation of female vikings as empowered and free women, is supported by real documentation, showing them with more rights that the rest of european women. 

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