2x10: The Lord's Prayer

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Ragnar and King Horik come back to Kattega; Ragnar trusts in those who stood by his side during difficult times


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This episode called The Lord's Prayer ends the second season of Vikings. It begins showing Ragnar returning at Kattegat along with King Horik and the celebration holded. Horik respects Ragnar, and feels him as an equal. However, after a series of clever moves to be trusted, Floki unmasks the real intentions of Horik, who wishes to kill Ragnar, Aslaug, Lagertha and all the children.

After joining with Erlander's backup, Horik's men enter the camp killing some men of Lothbrok's side. Quickly, the town realises of what happened and the battle begins, including Athelstan, a partially poisoned Rollo and Lagertha, who kills Horik's wife.

Horik marches toward Ragnar, only to find an alive Torstein, supposed to be killed by Floki. Aware of the deception, Horik begs Ragnar to forgive his son's life. Lothbrok accepts, and kills him, becoming the new king of realm.

What's your opinion on Floki in this episode? He clearly showed his loyalty to Ragnar by not killing Torstein. However, do you think he attempted to kill Rollo?

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