2x7: Blood Eagle

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Ragnar and King Horik think about the best way to confront Jarl Borg. On the other, King Aelle arrives to Wessex and Ecgbert has a new alliance in mind


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Blood Eagle is one the most important episodes of this second season. Why? Because finally the conflict between Ragnar and Borg will end.

Horik and Ragnar are conviced that the invasion of England must involve a big amount of ships and warrior, so the differences between Lothbrok and Borg will be deferred. In the meantime, aware of the imminent threat, King Ecbert makes an alliance with King Aelle through the marriage of their sons, hoping to stop the vikings. Ragnar also finds new allies, joining a mysterious man called Earl to his lines.

Back at Kattegat, Borg will be finally executed with the torture called Blood Eagle, performed by Ragnar. This punishment consists in being cut in a half, opening the ribs and leaving the lungs uncovered, only to receive a handful of salt directly in the guts. Borg dies without dropping any tear, becoming worthy of Valhalla.

Interesting facts: did you know that there are many references to this method of punishment? However, some people affirm that the texts where the "blood eagle" was mentioned were misunderstood.  

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