3x10: The Dead

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"The Dead" is Vikings third season finale! Watch, enjoy and share! And no spoilers! Stay tuned for the next season.


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Vikings third season ends with this episode, called "The Dead". Near Paris, the french fulfill their part of the agreement and give gold and silver to the Vikings. Ragnar, after becoming a christian, dies because of their wounds leaving Bjorn in charge.

Ragnar's corpse is left at the Paris gates for the bishop to make the pertinent ceremonies. Once the coffin enters the city, Ragnar jumps out and takes Gisla as a hostage, forcing the gates to be opened. After succeeding in their mission, the major part of the crew returns West, leaving a small settlement in charge of Rollo, who'll be tempted by Charles to confront his brother.

Interesting fact: did you know that the Vikings reached Paris? The Franks were attacked by the historical Ragnar Lothbrok in the year 845.

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