4x1: A Good Treason

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While Ragnar lays ill in his bed in Kattegat, things go out of his contrl. Rollo tries to improve his position and Kalf makes an important announcement


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A Good Treason is the first episode of Vikings fourth season. What kind of treason does it refers to?

The episode begins with the hallucinations of a dying Ragnar, who sees the Valhalla gates closing before his eyes. As the King recovers, Queen Aslaug rules the territory along with Bjorn. Once Ragnar takes the power back, a great feast is holded where he publically nags Bjorn for locking Floki up because of his disobedience.

On the other hand, Earl Kalf and Lagertha share power at Earldom, in spite of Einar's opinion, who thinks that she should be exiliated. In Paris, Rollo marries Princess Gisla, embracing the Frankish way of life. Eirik, a soldier under his command, warns him about the discontent between the Viking folk because of the treason he's planning. Rollo finally goes to the settlement and kills every man, woman and child.

Interesting fact: did you know that William I, the first Norman King of England, is a direct descendant of Rollo?

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