4x11: The Outsider

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This is the beginning of Vikings fourth season's part two. Will Ragnar be able to mantain the power he has been working for? Watch the episode and find out


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We're going to talk about the most important momenst of the The Outsider, the episode number 11 of Vikings season 4.

After the first successful trip, Ragnar Lodbrok decides to start a second journey as the possibility of finding new treasuers arises. His wife Legertha joins him and now the priest is the one taking care of the children and the farm. Meanwhile, the king has no problems with Ragnar leaving his place. Anyway, the leader decides to send a spy to keep track of Ragnar's activity. His name is Knut and he's a natural son of the king. As these characters disembark, complicated events happen, the sheriff trie to capture them and things go out of control.

Do you think everyone is going to be able to have a safe come back? What about Ragnar and Legartha? And Knut?

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