4x4: Yol

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In this episode, we'll see Floki's reply to Ragnar's admonition. In the meantime, Bjorn continues with his mission.


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In this episode called Yol, Floki is finally released, and he decides to visit The Seer to get new information of what's coming. In the meantime, Ragnar begins to trust Yidu and they chat about the girl's past. Yidu will handle Ragnar some "medicine" that provoke him an entire night of narcotic hallucinations.

In the middle of nature, Bjorn meets the Berserker and kills him, grabbing a ring the mercenary carried. Meanwhile, Rollo feels real close to his French present and starts talking French publically, fact that surprises Gisla.

In the last place, we'll see Harald arriving at Yol's feast and making clear that he intends to rule the entire Norway. Ragnar will arrive later, just to see Harald sitting at the royal hall.

Curious fact: did you know that Yol is known as the Viking Christmas? A 12-day feast was holded at the summer solstice, when they begged for fertility and wealth.

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