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Ambition is a powerful feeling. It sends warriors to their deaths, and when it's attached to love, things get intense.


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Promised, the fifth episode of the season, begins with a conversation between Ragnar and Bjorn, in which they both share their secrets. They touch topics such as paternity, marriage, King Harald and Ragnar's growing addiction to Yidu's medicine. Ragnar will also reveal that he's tired of exploring new lands, and will tell Yidu some details of what happened at their settlement in England.

In Wessex, Aethelwulf and Judith have an argument about their relationship. Everybody think that Kwenthrith must rule Mercia again, and the only way for this to happen is joining forces with King Aelle.

In the meantime, Odo's plans to take the control of Paris will be revealed by Therese and Roland. On the other hand, Lagertha will tell Kalf she's pregnant, and kills him before getting married. This action will make her take control of Hedeby, under the name of Earl Ingstad.

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