4x6: What Might Have Been

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Ragnar reveals his plan to take over Paris again. In spite of the storm consequences, Rollo keeps waiting in France.


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In What Might Have Been, Ragnar finally reveals his plan to attack Paris, as he handles the armrings to his sons to join him in this mission. Moreover, Alfred and Aethelwulk peregrinate to Rome, in spite of Judith and Kwenthrith complaints.

In Paris, a really complex plot is happening, as Odo reveals Therese the conspiration he's making to kill Charles in order to become the new Emperor. On the other hand, Rollo reaffirms his loyalty to the Franks swearing that he won't betray them when his brother arrives.

After a troubled arrival to Paris because of a powerful storm that struck the Viking fleet, a new settlement is stablished near the city. Ragnar and Lagertha argue because of Lagertha's pregnancy and her presence in the battlefront. As the navy gets closer to the gates, they'll see Rollo waiting for them in charge of the Frankish troops.

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