4x7: The Profit and the Loss

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King Ecbert puts all his effort into getting what he wants: the crown of Mercia. Meanwhile, the Vikings have an offensive strategy


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In The Profit and the Loss, the confrontation between Vikings and Franks gets more serious than ever. Lagertha's troops will be sighted by Rollo, and he fires against the Vikings ships. He'll also order to place a chain through the river to block the ship's way, and the land attack will be also dismissed. With their ships in flames, the Norsement retire with Ragnar yelling at his brother, remembering him when everybody wanted him dead, and he decided to forgive him.

In the meantime, the Vikings camp is ambushed by the Franks, leaving Helga severely wounded. Moreover, Floki will have visions of Harbard and Aslaug having sex. Uncertainty reigns between Ragnar and his fellows.

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