4x8: Portage

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In this episode, we'll see Ragnar executing his plan to attack Paris. Will he succeed?


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The eight episode of this season is called Portage. Ragnar's leadership is questioned because of the retirement at Paris' gates. However, the King of the Norsemen has a brilliant idea: moving the ships through a cliff, to drop them again on the river's way to Paris. 

On the other hand, Odo distrusts Rollo and reveals his concern with Charles and Roland, in the middle of the situation of Gisla's pregnancy. Odo will be bretrayed by Roland and Therese and murdered under Charles' orders.

Moreover, Ragnar becomes an addict of Yidu's medicine, leading to an argument between them. After refusing to give the drugs away, Yidu threatens Ragnar by telling him that she could reveal what happened in Wessex. Lothbrok will finally kill Yidu by drowning her

Meanwhile, in Wessex, Kwenthrith sneaks into Ecbert's room to kill him, but is stopped by Judith, who stabs her from the back.

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