4x9: Death All 'Round

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Vikings work has its good results. Meanwhile, Alfred and Aethelwulf visit Rome and the Pope Leo receives them with lots of honors. However, the relationship between King Aelle and King Ecberg it's not at its peak


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The ninth episode of Vikings carries Death All 'Round by name. We'll see Siggy found dead, something that doesn't concern Aslaug. In the meantime, Roland will be named as the Protector of Paris by Charles, who's also his lover.

The Vikings will arrive at Paris, where Erlendur orders Torvi to kill Bjorn. When Ragnar's son is about to be killed, he turns back and kills Torvi. Meanwhile, Ragnar is under abstinence syndrome and doesn't care about attacking Paris, but he desires to kill Rollo once for all.

On the other hand, Lagertha will lose her pregnancy, as Gisla announces she's become mother of Rollo's child. Moreover, Ecbert will be named King of Mercia and Wessex.

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